Unlock your Revo with Amazon Prime and Unlimited Streaming!

Alright sure Netflix is amazing and only costs $8 a month, but there is a new competitor in town...Amazon. Alright not new, but big! Amazon is now offering over 5,000 movies and television shows to be streamed absolutely for FREE!!!(if you have Amazon Prime) Alright so Amazon Prime costs $79 a year, but not only are you getting Unlimited FREE streaming of these shows, but you also get Free 2 day shipping on all products shipped by Amazon. I have saved so much waiting time with Amazon Prime that I could never go back. It is a great service and now that they have unlimited free streaming I am locked in for good :)

I reviewed Amazon Prime back in January with it performance on the Revo:


Amazon VOD Review on Acer Aspire Revo 1600

Last night I was checking out the Yahoo Widgets on my television, Samsung LN46B650. I saw that they had an Amazon VOD widget so I decided to check it out as I had a few rentals from Amazon's service. Even though my television is about 2 years old and the Yahoo Widgets take forever to load to my surprise streaming video directly to my television via the widget was awesome. This got me thinking, why I don't just try this on my Acer Aspire Revo? So I did and I made a video review comparing not only my Television and Revo 1600, but also my little Acer Aspire One netbook.

Streaming on my television was really really great, besides getting it started. I have to bring up Yahoo Widgets which are really slow and you have to wait for them to fully load before they are capable of doing anything. Once you get the video started it is basically flawless and looks absolutely stunning. I was really shocked how great Inception looked just streaming on my TV.

Acer Aspire One netbook:
My poor little netbook is slowly becoming out of date. It is a single core Atom processor, integrated graphics, and 2GB of RAM. I booted up the VOD service and small inside the browser it actually played back decently smooth. I was really shocked here as I didn't think it would work at all. I then put it on full screen and oh my was it choppy. You definitely can not watch it on something this lower powered, but it is nice to see it play fine when it is not in full screen mode.

Acer Aspire Revo:
It was funny to see the "small" version on the 1080p television, it was really tiny as you can see in the video. However, once you blow it up in full screen mode the video actually played very smooth. It was completely watchable with a few tears in the video, but overall I was really impressed. I would recommend the Amazon VOD service as it is really affordable for rentals and even some purchases.

Check out the video review: