Flash 10.1 RC4 Released

Another week goes buy and yet again Adobe has released another Release Candidate for Flash 10.1. They are already up to Release Candidate 4 I have not tested it yet but plan to do so tomorrow. Give it a shot and if you aren't happy in the Add-ons section I have Beta 1 and RC1 available for download. Head over to the official Flash 10.1 page for the download.

Issues that have been fixed in this release:
*Flash player crashes after network cable is unplugged.
*Seeking through a video via a progress slider doesn’t show enough frames.
*Certain videos play with no sound and then stop playing.
*In Firefox, streaming videos will halt on some occasions after a few minutes.
*Flash movies with a transparent mode don't play in applications.
*insertion point not visible for input text field when using embedded fonts.
*General stability and performance improvements
*Many issues involving video playback have been fixed in this release, and users may need to get updated video drivers ATI, NVidia, Broadcom, or Intel.
*Corrupt swfs on a page can cause the entire page to render improperly (
*In some cases, XML declarations lose the trailing brace.
*ShaderJob.start now produces an ArgumentError with previously (10.0.x) functioning code
*TouchEvent only fires after first touch in MultitouchInputMode.TOUCH_POINT

Also on May 5th Nvidia released new Drivers for the ION. This is a beta driver so test it at will: Nvidia drivers 197.57 beta