Getting Netflix HD to work on your Revo!!!

Let's get down to it, Netflix HD on the Revo has not been very great at all since it was introduced on PC and inside of Windows media center. For a while now Netflix has allowed you to manually adjust the quality of video that receive. If you are using Netflix 100% on your Revo then there is a simple work around which is to manually adjust the bandwidth on your netflix account to the "Better" setting. This will allow all netflix to stream silky smooth onto your Revo. Now be warned though that this effects all of your netflix devices. Which means that if you do use an Xbox 360, PC, or any other device it will also limit your bandwidth on these devices. Here are the simple steps.


1.) Goto

2.) Select: 

3.) Down a bit on the page you will find: 


4.) Then just set it to "Better": 

And there you have it, you should now be able to stream netflix just fine on your Atom powered machine.

Source: The Digital Media Zone


[Podcast] Revo Roundup Episode 1

I decided to throw a new podcast series together for Revo HTPC. I am calling it the Revo Roundup and every once and a while I will discuss new topics and what is going on in the world of the Revo, WMC, and ION Powered machines. This week I tackle the following:

  • Netflix HD
  • Flash 10.1 RC6
  • HD HomeRun Cablecard
  • MKV to WTV
  • Download Episode 1 Here