Extenders allow you to make take your HTPC to any room of the house. All of your content will automatically stream to an extender making media center the best HTPC around. The problem is that there aren't that many good extenders out there.

Xbox 360: This is the only extender that I can recommend. For $200 not only do you get an extender, but you also get a great gaming machine. The User Interface that is displayed on the Xbox 360 is identical to what it is on you Windows 7 machine. It connect fast, plays all of your media, streams live tv. It even has an IR port built in so it will automatically work with your Harmony remote. The newer models are much quieter and more energy efficient, it is by far the best extender out there.

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  1. I would like to suggest you look at GuideTool and Recorded TV Manager both great for Media Center. I have the 3610 and have two HDHomerun’s setup, great so far. As far as having the media center’s wirte to the NAS I don’t think you will have too much success, but if you use Recorded TV Manager you can have it watch the “RecordedTV” folder and Move the WTV files to your NAS that is what I do. Working perfect. Just google Guide Tool and Recorded TV Manager – nice apps.

  2. I am thinking of using the HDHomeRun with CableCard after its release in April 2010. Will use the Revo similar to the way you are using it in the living room but will use another Revo in the bedroom setup as well instead of the XBox just because XBox tends to get loud.
    With this setup I will actually have two independent HTPC’s which will write to a NAS (DNS-323). This would be my ideal setup, I havent set this up but planning to.

    Your thoughts?

  3. g00nda, I don’t beieve the CableCard HDHomeRun is going to be out in April 2010. At this point I honestly doubt it will even be out this year. The device they showed off at CES was basically reference hardware. I also don’t think it has gone to CableLabs for certification yet. That process alone can take a REALLY long time.

  4. Yeah I think right now the new Ceton card is what is really the new best option out there. And they said it can be networked like the HDHomeRun, but of course you need a PC to stick it into.

  5. We just set up an HTPC with an HDhomerun prime 3 channel tuner. It’s been about a week and we’re very happy with the overall system. A few comments:
    1. No problems with the HDhomerun device. It does what it claims.
    2. Biggest problem area was cable company. I think they’re trying (maybe I should be more cynical) but their lack of expertise and consistent story with regard to cable cards and tuning adapters caused us grief.
    3. There is a learning curve on setting up the system. Windows 7 was new to us, Windows Media Center was new to us, Setting up the HDhomerun prime probably requires more technical knowledge and learning than some people are going to like.
    4. Suggestion on setting up system. Get to the point that you can display non-encrypted channels on Windows media player or quick TV before cable company is involved. Make sure you can see encrypted shows that you’re subscribed to before cable tech leaves.
    5. Self install might be available even though cable company tells you it’s not. TW offers a guide for doing self install of cable card on its site but I was told on the phone that they don’t allow self install.

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