Essential Add Ons

Here are some essential applications to complete your HTPC.

YAMMM (Yet Another Media Meta Manager): If you have any movies downloaded or backed up Windows Media Center is capable of displaying the box art and some nice meta data. YAMMM will automatically download all of this data for you. The only thing that you will have to do is set it up and organize your movies correctly. The setup is that each movie has it's own folder inside of your movie directory. An Example would be C:\Movies\Up\Up.avi. Here are my settings for YAMMM:

Tips: If the movie data isn't being downloaded correctly find your movie first on and then rename the folder to the same name which is displayed on

MyChannelLogos: By default there are no channel logos in the tv guide. However there is a nice application called MyChannelLogos which will automatically set all of the logos for you.

Media Center Studio: This allows you to completely customize the look and feel of Windows Media Center. From removing icons to creating custom themes this application is awesome. Here is a short video of what you can do with it by my good friend Adam:

Flash 10.1 RC4: If you wish to run flash decently on the Revo than you can install the Flash 10.1 RC4 which enables Hardware accelerated graphics. Now you can watch Youtube and Hulu.

Update: If you have read my Hulu Desktop review then you have seen that I have much better success with Beta 1 of Flash 10.1 than beta 2. I have uploaded the Flash 10.1 beta 1 with the active x plugin as well. You can download it here.

Update 2: If you want to give Flash 10.1 RC 1 a try you can download it here.

Silverlight: Used for Netflix streaming inside of Media Center, Silverlight is essential.

Google Chrome: Since the Revo isn't super speedy I highly recommend Google Chrome for browsing. It is super fast, start up instantly and allows for a lot of real estate on the screen.

Video Lan VLC: VLC is by far one of the best media players out there. If there is some type of file that wont show up or play inside of Media Center simply boot it up inside of VLC and I am almost 100% it will play just fine.

Other add ons:

Media Browser: This is a great add on that I used for a bit of time that helps organize all of your content in one place. It shows nice backgrounds and also displays metadata for you videos you have downloaded. Since I have a lot of content I found it easier just to stick with media centers default UI.

Meta<browser>: This is a great application that allows you to find meta data for all of you tv shows and movies that you have downloaded. It will also automatically rename your files to whichever format you like. This is probably my favorite feature of all. I do not use it for movies as Yammm handles that for me automatically. Hopefully Yammm 2.0 will come out and handle tv shows as well.

My Movies: This is another great add on for people with a large amount of movies. Instead of showing only 2 rows of movie artwork it will fill you entire screen and it also displays meta data a lot nicer.

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  1. Mymovies is the best Media collection add on out there….

    granted i may be a tad bias….

    Mymovies Moderator

  2. I am afraid MyMovies is just crapware. Obligatory register to a forum? points to be collected to change a view? wtf??? really not worth, on top of it it does not work if you happen to have all movies in ONE folder, and not one folder per movie. why will you explode all your movies in dozens or hundreds of folders?? On top of it it clutters the folders where you have the movies with xml files, please in the next iteration keep all those little files in one place away of my sight. thx

  3. @Ddx3o
    Completely agree with you. I think mymovies started well and then became irritating. Why can’t they just charge a flat rate and be done. What the hell with the stupid points collection? And also you made a good point about those silly xml files. Worse still, I think those xmls are responsible for locking your movies as you will find out if you connect your movie drive to another pc or even reinstall your pc you won’t be able to open your movies; you have to go through “Take Ownership” before you can. Since I started using metabrowser never had that problem.

  4. In my media set-up I use both MyMovies 3 and MediaBrowser and IMHO they are both great apps …with different purposes. MediaBrowser is great for actually watching movies (and video blogs) and MyMovies 3 is perfect for collection management (along with complimentary iPhone app and server/client set-up).

    I see no evil at all in having to store movies in separate folders. It allows to manage movies much easier, especially if you have subtitles and other metadata (like cover images and backgrounds) for each movie file.

    I have hundreds of DVDs in my collection, but I only ripped to HDD a few I watch more often (like kid’s movies). Separate folders with ‘silly’ XML files allow you to modify metadata for each movie if you want to. It’s also much easier to remove any movie and all its related metadata by deleting one folder. And since I use apps to find and view movies (I don’t browse the disk in explorer to double click the file to play) I don’t care how many folders are there on the disk or how the movie files are named. Any of my ripped movies are accessible with just a few remote control clicks.

    On a separate note: I too hate the points system in MyMovies 3! But since this is a community-driven service it makes sense to reward users who contribute their time to make the service better for everyone.

  5. Thanks for the great work!

    Flash 10.1 RC 5 just came out. I haven’t installed it yet.

  6. What is the correct file structure for the movie folder?

  7. To be clear, I thought I read somewhere that below C:\movies you would break them into genre like, .\Comedy , .\Horror , .\Action , etc. then put the movies folder like, .\UP (2009) [Bluray] then the movie .\UP (2009) [Bluray].iso

    C:\movies\Childrens\UP (2009) [Bluray]\UP (2009) [Bluray].iso

  8. I do not organize them in categories, If you were to use media browser or my movies 3 then it would work a bit better. I believe if you use a metadata service like yammm it will figure out the category for you.

    All of my movies are like this:
    C:\movies\Up (2009)\Up (2009).avi

    To mount ISO you can also look into this

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