Acer Revo 3700 Fresh Win 7 64bit SSD takes 15mins+ to boot

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Acer Revo 3700 Fresh Win 7 64bit SSD takes 15mins+ to boot

Postby Sean9 » Sun Mar 08, 2015 11:29 pm

Hi Guys,

I have an Acer Revo 3700
4GB ram (recognised in DXDIAG/System Properties)

I am trying to install a SSD Drive for reliability/speed, I have tried both a Kingston SSDnow vseries 30GB and Kingston SSDnow300 120GB

Windows 7 ultimate 64bit installs fine without problems.
Bios set to factory defaults except I changed:
Advanced settings: IDE to AHCI
Bios is set to SSD as primary boot device
Both SSDs freshly formatted NTFS (tried format during install and fresh format attached to laptop as external drive)

Nothing else installed yet, nothing else attached except a USB mouse and Keyboard.

The 30GB SSD installed Win7 without problems or driver searches and ran fully with all updated drivers and VLC media Player and everything worked fine, though Graphics a bit glitchy at times, only main problem: booting takes 15+ minutes. Just hangs on the "starting windows" screen for 15minutes or more and eventually goes through and everything works fine. This of course is absurd for SSD startup times.
So I reinstalled, but same thing.

I reinstalled again but on a brand new 120GB SSD this time, thinking it the other also new SSD might have been a something broken.
Still the same, just hangs on the Starting Windows screen (AHCI enabled) for 15minutes or more.

SOOOOO I installed win7 onto the Original Seagate 500GB harddrive that came with my Revo and same thing happens, just hangs on the "Starting Windows" screen for 15 or more minutes :(

Now I'm at a loss!!!
Any advice much appreciated!

I have noticed that during install there is a restart, and it loads in seconds through the "starting windows" screen and pops to the Install Windows > completing installation bit... then does another restart, which again takes seconds,.... then it checks performance etc. and you get the setup windows screen where you create user account/wi-fi/win-updates etc...... then finalizing settings screen.... another restart >>>>>15 minutes later windows loads for first time and it takes 15minutes any time after that as well to restart and load.
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