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Postby Andygoes » Fri May 07, 2010 7:18 am

Hello Motz et al,

I may be a bit premature (I just ordered my Revo from Newegg a couple hours ago), but I wanted to first of all say thanks to Motz for the site and the community that will be following it!

My purposes for ordering the Revo: my wife and I just got married and are looking to spend the next year apart, but with frequent visits (she's Canadian and I'm a Michigander and we have to file immigration paperwork). In the meantime, she will be moving in with her parents. We've been looking for a few ways to get video on her TV (just purchased an LG 32CL20) once she moves in. Canada is a bit behind the times on HD content, so we've explored a few other avenues to make that possible. The Revo will be our primary source for internet content (Hulu/Netflix through StrongVPN and perhaps a bit of Miro/BT) as well as the ATI Theater 750 (ATSC/NTSC/QAM) tuning in their standard def content from Primus. OTA won't be a possibility because of our location (too far from Toronto without an antenna that I'm sure my father-in-law would not be supportive of mounting to the shed).

Here's what the load out will be next week (her birthday is the 16th, and mine is 6/22 so we decided this is a joint birthday gift - instant WAF!):

HTPC: Revo 3610
Remote: AVS Gear GP-IR01BK
Tuner: Diamond ATI Theater HD 750
TV: LG 32CL20
Optical: ASUS SDR-08B1-U
OS: Win7
Software: WMC7/Hulu Desktop/Netflix Instant Watch/StrongVPN

Looking forward to participating with the community!
Revo 3610 | AVS Gear GP-IR01BK | Diamond ATI Theater HD 750 | LG 32CL20 720P | ASUS SDR-08B1-U | Win7 | WMC7/Hulu Desktop/Netflix Instant Watch/StrongVPN
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