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Remote Potato

Postby mrhaydel » Mon Mar 21, 2011 7:49 am

Before I get started, I should mention I'm in no way associated with Remote Potato or the Remote Media Center app. Just a (new) fan. :)

As I've spent more time getting my Revo 3700 set up, I've been looking around at and playing with some other pieces of software to augment my experience using the Revo with WMC, Boxee, and the like.

The one problem I was recently looking to solve was a feature we currently have with DirecTV (which, we'll soon lose since we're canceling DirecTV): the ability to be away from the DVR/PC, but tell our DVR to record a program remotely. And even more specifically, do that from my (Android) phone. As mentioned, I could do this today via, as well as DirecTV's Android app. It's something that while I don't need it all that often, the few times you do need it, it's totally worth it.

I've looked around on these forums and the RevoHTPC site, and didn't find anything pertaining to this issue, so I thought I'd at least give a shout out to the solution I eventually wound up landing on: Remote Potato (RP here on out).

RP is essentially a free app that integrates with WMC, and lets you access your recorded TV and schedule recordings when you're away from your PC. I came upon it via this Lifehacker post. That post has some more general information about it, as well as links to the RP site.

However, if you're interested in just diving in to getting it set up, this guide was what I followed (and is what the FAQ section of the RP site recommended). I won't say it's the most streamlined of solutions, but I managed to get it working with roughly 45 minutes to an hour's worth of work.

What's more is that there's a (free) Android app that utilizes your RP setup so that you can schedule recordings, browse the guide, and stream your recorded TV, all from your phone.

Problem solved!

A few notes:
* I haven't played around with Windows Live Mesh, but I'm gathering that that service can be used to pretty much do the same thing that RP accomplishes, although I'm not aware of how bloated or reliant it is on using other Live-based services. I doubt I'll go that route on account of RP being pretty streamlined and small.
* The streaming of your recorded TV shows still sort of seems in its infancy, especially on the phone, but it does work, although I wouldn't call it flawless. This wasn't an important feature for me anyway, but if you do run into it complaining about audio problems, the fix will most likely be to install the "streaming pack" from the RP website on the PC you're streaming from.
* As I mentioned, my biggest want here was to just be able to remotely tell the Revo to record something, and RP + the Remote Media Center Android app gets me that.
* I realize I could also use something like LogMeIn to do this from another PC, but, LogMeIn seemed a bit more cumbersome than I wanted for this one problem, and their Android app is not free, not to mention that I prefer TeamViewer for remote access due to it being more lightweight (IMO).

I'd be curious as to whether other folks have used Remote Potato, or what interesting solutions they have come up with for my problem (other than simply never forgetting to set something to record, that is :lol: ).
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