Jason Null, Revo HTPC User on Entertainment 2.0


Jason Null, inspired by was recently on the Entertainment 2.0 podcast with Josh Pollard. He talks about his intense mod of his Acer Aspire Revo, including an SSD, 4GB RAM, and Tuners. He also discusses how he uses Windows Media Center throughout his house. It is a great listen. Check it out here:


[Podcast] Revo Roundup Episode 5: I’m still here

In this edition of Revo Roundup I try to play catch up on any older Revo & Media center news, and also talk about some recent posts and some recent questions.

Show note links:

Download Episode 5 Here

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[Mail Bag]New Revo Roundup This Week!

I will be recording a new Revo Roundup this week, get your questions in now, simply comment on this post or send me and email!

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[Podcast] Revo Roundup Episode 4: Zino HD Edition


In this edition of Revo Roundup I have my first ever guest, Mr. Josh Pollard from the Entertainment 2.0 podcast, to talk about his review of the Zino HD. We will also discuss some viewers questions such has how do I get started with a new HTPC, getting USB Tuners to work, Codec problems, and a lot more.

Show note links:

Download Episode 4 Here
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[Podcast] Revo Roundup Episode 3: Q and A Edition


The Revo Roundup is back once again after a long delay and this time I am answering all of your questions that I have received over the last month or so. I also touch up on the upcoming television season and a bit about the new Ion powered Zotac machines!
Geek Tonics Ultimate Fall TV Guide

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Download Episode 3 Here


[Podcast] Revo Roundup Episode 2


Finally a brand new Revo Roundup informing you about the latest and greatest on the Acer Aspire Revo. This week I tackle the following:

  • Revo HTPC F.A.Q.
  • Flash 10.1 Official Release
  • New Xbox 360 Slim (Wifi built in)
  • New Acer Aspire Revos
  • The Movie Podcast (a movie podcast from me!)
  • Download Episode 2 Here


    [Podcast] Revo Roundup Episode 1

    I decided to throw a new podcast series together for Revo HTPC. I am calling it the Revo Roundup and every once and a while I will discuss new topics and what is going on in the world of the Revo, WMC, and ION Powered machines. This week I tackle the following:

  • Netflix HD
  • Flash 10.1 RC6
  • HD HomeRun Cablecard
  • MKV to WTV
  • Download Episode 1 Here


    The Movie Podcast!


    Last week myself and Mr. Adam Thursby launched a brand new podcast over at The Digital Media Zone called The Movie Podcast. Each week, we take you through the latest Blu-ray, DVD and theatrical releases so you don’t waste your money on pure dreck.  We’ll let you know what’s worth it and what’s not.  Should your buy, rent or not bother.  That’s what we’re here for. We just released Episode 2, so if you want something to listen to in your spare time go and download it!

    The Movie Podcast 02: We suffer so you don’t have to

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    New Podcast! Seen in 3D – Episode 1


    I have been asked to co-host a new podcast over at The Digital Media Zone, which is called Seen in 3D. We focus on all things 3D including technology, TVs, Blu-rays, movies, and more. We just released Episode 1 so go check it out!

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    Entertainment 2.0-Episode 64: The Slamingest Episode EVAR!

    If you missed the live broadcast of Entertainment 2.0 over at The Digital Media Zone it is now available for download. It is a highly entertaining show and will give you a lot of insight on my experience with the Revo as my HTPC. Enjoy! I will say it is my fault that the show started 15 minutes late :)

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