Tron Legacy Giveaway Extravaganza

tronlegacygiveawayextravaganzeSince I podcast on The Movie Podcast and blog for The Digital Media Zone I figured I would post this here as well. New Revo roundup this week!!! That is right everyone we are giving away 3 copies of Tron Legacy on Blu-ray! A collaboration between The Digital Media Zone and The Movie Podcast, we are pleased to present the Tron Legacy Giveaway Extravaganza! We are giving you 6 different ways to enter this contest through both the DMZ and TMP! For complete details listen to our promotional spot by both Josh Pollard and James Montemagno. Did I mention that we are giving away an Identity Disc? Yes an Identity Disc! Listen or Download:

1st Place: Tron: Legacy & Tron 5 Disc Combo inside of Identity Disc Collectible Packaging
2nd Place:  Tron: Legacy 2 Disc Blu-ray/DVD Combo + Tron Legacy R3CONF1GUR3D Soundtrack
3rd Place: Tron: Legacy 2 Disc Blu-ray/DVD Combo

Here is how you can enter via The Digital Media Zone:
Entry 1: Simply comment on THIS post on The Digital Media Zone.
Entry 2:  Like The Digital Media Zone on Facebook & Comment on THIS contest post.
Entry 3: Follow @digimediazone on Twitter and simply tweet the following:
"I Just Entered the Tron Legacy Giveaway Extravaganza by @digimediazone #DMZTron"
or press this tweet button:

Here is how to enter via The Movie Podcast
Entry 4: Simply comment on THIS post on The Movie Podcast.
Entry 5: Like The Movie Podcast on Facebook & Comment on THIS contest post.
Entry 6: Follow @themoviepodcast on Twitter and simply tweet the following:
"I Just Entered the Tron Legacy Giveaway Extravaganza by @themoviepodcast #TMPTron"
or press this tweet button:

The Tron Legacy Giveaway Extravaganza is open to anyone that ships to, and is open from 4/5/2011 to 4/12/2011 at 5PM eastern. The winners will be announced live on Entertainment 2.0 which will broadcast live on both The Digital Media Zone and The Movie Podcast websites. Good luck!

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Unlock your Revo with Amazon Prime and Unlimited Streaming!

Alright sure Netflix is amazing and only costs $8 a month, but there is a new competitor in town...Amazon. Alright not new, but big! Amazon is now offering over 5,000 movies and television shows to be streamed absolutely for FREE!!!(if you have Amazon Prime) Alright so Amazon Prime costs $79 a year, but not only are you getting Unlimited FREE streaming of these shows, but you also get Free 2 day shipping on all products shipped by Amazon. I have saved so much waiting time with Amazon Prime that I could never go back. It is a great service and now that they have unlimited free streaming I am locked in for good :)

I reviewed Amazon Prime back in January with it performance on the Revo:


[Mail Bag]New Revo Roundup This Week!

I will be recording a new Revo Roundup this week, get your questions in now, simply comment on this post or send me and email!

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Acer Aspire Revo AR-3700 Now Available.

Now available on Newegg for $349.99 and features Intel Atom D525(1.8GHz) Dual Core processor, Next Gen ION graphics, 2 GB RAM, Wireless b/g/n, wireless keyboard and mouse, and Windows 7 Premium.

Update: Amazon has now finally added it for purchase: Acer AspireRevo AR3700 on Amazon for $349.99 as well with free shipping.

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New Dell Zino now available


If you listened to the last Revo Roundup you would have heard Josh talk about his review of the Dell Zino which he received. Dell this week has just launched a brand new Zino all featuring Windows 7 Home Premium, new AMD Athalon processors, DDR3 Ram, and at minimum Radeon HD 4250 for around $350. You can go all crazy and get a AMD Phenom Quad Core with Blu-ray, 6GB Ram, and a Radeon HD 5450 for around $750. They seem even sleeker and sexier. At this price point Acer will really have to step up their game on the new Revos. Check out the new Zinos at at, starting as low as $299.99!

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Zotac ZBox HD-ID34 Now available on

Almost as soon as it got announced newegg is already carrying the
. Their version features a full Blu-ray Combo Burner, 2GB Memory, 250GB Hard Drive, the D525 Dual Core Atom processor, and Nvidia ION Next-Generation (aka ION2). This thing look super slick and sexy. Newegg has it listed for $520, which isn't too bad considering you are getting a blu-ray player as well as a full HTPC.

Zotac ZBOX Blu-ray Series ZBOXHD-ID34BR Intel Atom D525 Dual Core NM10 Next-generation NVIDIA ION graphics All-in-One  Mini / Booksize Barebone System

Zotac ZBOXHD-ID34BR Now Available on Amazon $499.99 plus free shipping!

If anyone picks one up please write in!

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New Acer Aspire Revo & Zotac HTPCs

Yesterday both Acer and Zotac announced some brand new super sexy HTPC machines coming out soon. First up is the brand new Acer Aspire Revo 3700.

This machine is packing some serious hardware this time around including the brand new D525 1.8Ghz dual-core Atom Processor, Nvidia's next generation ION platform, 500GB Hard Drive, 4 USB 2.0 Ports, 4GB of DDR3 RAM, VGA/HDMI/ 802.11b/g/n, gigabit ethernet and mini PCIe slot. There is still no DVD drive included here, but the machine looks super sexy. The only problem is the initial price tag is $580, which seems completely crazy when the current dual core Revo is only $330.

Next up is a brand new super duper sexy Zotac HD-ID33 and HD-ID34(250GB hard drive included) and packs a full Blu-ray drive.

This thing looks absolutely beautiful and includes all the same features as the Acer Aspire Revo 3700 but only comes with 2GB of DDR2 RAM, but packs in 2 USB 3.0 ports. The big thing here is the sexy design and  the full blu-ray drive. there is no price point just yet however. Hopefully I can get my hands on one of these bad boys when they are released.

Check out eHomeUpgrade (Revo 3700) or HotHardware (Zotac HTPCs) for more shots and press release.


Revo Roundup now on iTunes

Revo Roundup is now officially on iTunes! Here is the link:
Subscribe to Revo Roundup on iTunes

Also you can subscribe on Zune

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Flash 10.1 RC6 Released!

RC5 didn't last for very long and Adobe has already released RC6 before I even had a chance to mess around with RC5. You can download it here.


Flash 10.1 RC5 Released!

flash 10 1 rc5

Adobe can't be stopped with the bug fixes. Hot off of RC4 they have released Flash 10.1 RC5 which promises more bug fixes. I will be messing around with it this weekend and let everyone know how it is. If you want to give it a try check out the official Flash 10.1 Site.