My name is James (or Motz as most people call me), I am your typical Tech Geek. I am a software engineer, and like most of you love technology. I started messing around with media center when I bought 2 USB tuner cards from I had an XBox 360 so I simply extended it to watch my movies. I soon found that this wasn't extremely girlfriend friendly and was a bit slow. So I set out to build a new HTPC on the cheap. That is when I stumbled upon the Aspire Revo.

Ever since I started using media center I have been a fan of The Green Button. I soon found out that a few people had the Revo as well and were attempting to use it as a HTPC, and a lot of them asked me about my setup. This gave me an idea to build a site dedicated to how to turn the Revo into a great HTPC. I attempt to give you step by step instructions on everything that I did and as I learn more I will keep it up to date.

So you might be curious about my setup. I own a nice large 46" Samsung 120hz LCD TV. I am a bit of a game geek so I have a Wii, PS3, and of course a Xbox 360. I at one time had a nice 7.1 surround sound system, but now I just have the Sony HT-CT100 sound bar. And now for the good stuff which is my Aspire Revo AR1600, 3 USB Tuners, Wireless keyboard and mouse, and of course the best part of all my Logitech Hamony remote.

I completely use Windows Media Center 7 as my HTPC for music, pictures, videos, live/recorded tv, and netflix!

Here is my GDGT gadget list:

Here is a diagram of my complete setup:

Now for some pictures. I have everything in a nice unit from Ikea. I have done my best to manage cables, but it is nearly impossible, from afar you can't really see much though.


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  1. Thanks for starting this site. I have the AR1600 model that went for $200 at NewEgg. I am running it as XP Home with XBMC and for online content. I have hooked a couple of USB drives (1.5 TB and .5 TB) and share the media out to my family room where I have a SAGE HD200 extender.

    I look forward to reading and contributing to your community.

  2. Great site! Thanks so much for setting it up. I have the 3610 but have had difficulty in realizing its true potential. I really appreciate the diagrams and photos, as this helps me to better understand how to manage my system. I have plenty of other tech (1TB and 500GB USB drives), but none of it connected to the Revo (again, not understanding its true potential). Ultimately, I’d like to use the 3610 as a lightweight, low-powered HTPC – hoping your site will educate me. Just looking at your diagram above tells me I might have found the right place!

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