Ceton Companion – Media Center Mobile Apps for ANY Tuner

A lot has changed in the last few years since I started Revo HTPC. I have helped a lot of people make awesome low cost HTPCs, answered a lot of questions, and tried to keep the content up to date as much as possible. Nearly a year ago I moved from Phoenix to Seattle to work for Ceton the creator of awesome CableCard tuners. While the Acer Revo is fully compatible with the USB version of the infiniTV 4, people use their Revo with all sorts of tuners. I have had the opportunity to create some absolutely amazing mobile apps for Windows Media Center called the Ceton Companion.

While they are called "Ceton" Companion they actually work with ANY tuner on ANY windows 7 media center PC in ANY country!

Features are:

  • Combine local and recorded movies/tv into nice galleries
  • Browse full EPG
  • Schedule and manage recordings
  • Select a show or movie and start playback to any MC PC or extender
  • Full remote control
  • Easy Access to Premieres lineup
  • Series Management
  • Use inside or outside the house
  • a bunch more!

They are completely cross platform as well with Android, Kindle Fire, iOS and Windows Phone versions available. for more information check out the official website at:

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