Hillcrest Labs Release new “Scoop” Pointer

I had already reviewed, raved, and given away a Hillcrest Labs Loop Pointer, but today Hillcrest Labs has introduced a brand new Scoop Pointer. This looks like a great update to the Loop Pointer. Here is their official description:

"The Scoop Pointer is a third generation, in-air mouse and six-axis motion controller that interfaces wirelessly to any PC, Mac, or USB HID compatible device through a USB antenna. This OEM product is a reference design that includes numerous enhancements such as: a smaller and lighter form factor; new chipset and firmware for lower costs and better performance; nine programmable buttons and a scroll wheel; and full six-axis control to enable better gesture or game play. There are two versions of the Scoop Pointer, one optimized for TV viewing and one with a red laser pointer designed for business and educational presenters."

This think looks extremely stylish and could be a great add on for your HTPC. Hillcrest "MotionEngine" technology is now used in many devices including the Roku 2, LG TVs, and their remotes are designed for their HTPC web browser: Kylo. Additionally today Hillcrest has announced a OEM version of their Kylo browser which can be completely customized by manufacturers. While Hillcrest does not plan on selling the Scoop pointer directly to consumers, we can always keep our fingers crossed. Perhaps Acer will catch on and include one of these in the next version of the Revo.

Source: Hillcrest Labs


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