Revo’s Sold Out :( Here are some alternatives

It looks like the Revo is sold out just about everywhere right now, but here are some great alternatives to think about:

The first recommendation has to be the New Dell Zino HD system. These guys are slick, sexy and have a lot of power packed in. Over at they are as low as $299 for the Entry level, but I would recommend an upgrade to the Standard which is about $399. It is a great value for everything that is packed into this little box.

The Zotac ZBox are a pretty decent alternative. They are a little more DIY as most of them are barebone systems, but they have great specs and are decently priced.

If you aren't going to need TV tuners and want something cheep to get your streaming content on such as Netflix, Amazon, Hulu, and more think about getting a Roku They are under $100 and a great value.

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  1. has a batch of revo 3700 in now (12/27/2010)

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