[Review] Flash 10.1 Official Release + Video Review

Adobe has just officially released Flash 10.1 out into the market, which means no more betas and no more release candidates. I figured it was important to get an official review out there for you guys and tell you what I thought. I will say that so far I am extremely impressed.

First off I wanted to test out internet streaming videos to see if anything has changed. I checked out Hulu, South Park Studios, ESPN3, and Youtube HD and everything was great. The biggest change I saw was that the overlays on top of the video, such as video controls and information don't have any effect on the video like they did before. Overall a great experience.

Next on my list was Hulu Desktop and I sat through the latest episode of Glee and The Office in High quality and it was great. There weren't as many cuts or hiccups in the video, and overall I was very pleased.

The biggest issue I have had in the past was with Internet TV inside of Windows Media Center. In some of the past RC releases there has been issues, however now everything seems to be working just fine. I tested a few shows and "overall" it was good, not perfect like Hulu Desktop, but very watchable. There were some hiccups on a few videos, but I could sit and enjoy them.

I tried Boxee one last time and while I did find out that CBS content played back fine just about everything else didn't. At this point I would say go ahead and uninstall any RC or beta you had installed and go ahead and install the official release now.

I have also put a little video together. I apologize for any video or audio issues as I am just using my little camera for video. Here you go:

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  1. I upgraded to 10.1 last night on my 1600 & everything looks great on Hulu. YouTube videos at any resolution exhibit a strange behavior where there’s a tiny jump, almost like the video speeds up slightly at times. Have you observed this? Also, which Nvidia drivers were you running for this review?

  2. Thanks for the review. The official release of Flash 10.1 works great in the web version of Hulu, but you mentioned Hulu desktop as well. When I uninstalled the Flash RC that I had and installed the new 10.1 Flash player, Hulu desktop wouldn’t run. Is there another install I need? The betas and release candidates all had a plug-in and activeX as separate installs, but now I only see the one installer on the Adobe site. Did you have to do anything special to get Hulu desktop to work? Did you run the Flash uninstaller before installing the official 10.1 release? Thanks!

  3. I actually just went to uninstall or change a program. I installed the flash inside of both the IE and Chrome browsers as they are different plugins. If that doesn’t work uninstall and reinstall hulu desktop.

  4. Thanks. I had downloaded the installer from Chrome. Even though Flash seemed to be working in IE, once I uninstalled and ran it while in IE, Hulu desktop started right up.

  5. That is good to hear :)

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