[Podcast] Revo Roundup Episode 1

I decided to throw a new podcast series together for Revo HTPC. I am calling it the Revo Roundup and every once and a while I will discuss new topics and what is going on in the world of the Revo, WMC, and ION Powered machines. This week I tackle the following:

  • Netflix HD
  • Flash 10.1 RC6
  • HD HomeRun Cablecard
  • MKV to WTV
  • Download Episode 1 Here

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    1. Good 1st podcast. I just found your site and this is hitting all my buttons. I am just starting to evaluate a 1600 for media playback and soon may get the higher end unit. Toward the end you discussed how you were converting video / audio for playback in WMC. I would like you to cover all your tools of the trade and how you migrate your DVD collection to a digital for anytime access. Windows Media Center will be the hub for all my media moving forward.

    2. I just want to say that this was the first podcast ever that I listened to all the way through. Really enjoyed it. I have an extra $250 laying around, so I’m thinking of getting the 1600. I am currently using my desktop and a USB tuner to see TV on my 40″ tuner-less TV. It’s HDTV capable. I record TV shows OTA. Will the Revo allow me to use this as a tuner with my Usb tuner, while I still figure out if to get satellite or cable? No matter what, the Revo will be my media center for my movie and music library.

    3. It sure will, I have 3 USB TV tuners hooked up to it. Once you go satellite or cable it is a different story as you could go HDHomerun for the tuner. It is nice for a media center and music library for sure. I am glad you enjoyed the podcast i was just sitting around for a bit and figured I would put it together.

    4. Eric,
      Sure thing I am going to be working soon on revamping the site so it is easier to follow.

    5. Hey Guys, where’s the Revo Roundup podcast on iTunes? I can’t find it anywhere: If not, can you please add?

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