Flash 10.1 RC5 Released!

flash 10 1 rc5

Adobe can't be stopped with the bug fixes. Hot off of RC4 they have released Flash 10.1 RC5 which promises more bug fixes. I will be messing around with it this weekend and let everyone know how it is. If you want to give it a try check out the official Flash 10.1 Site.

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  1. Just got my revo 3610 yesterday and install rc5 and it was a mess. Put the release that is linked in setup on this site and had better results, but still not too great.

  2. I tried it and it worked horrible for me. Hulu and Netflix was running in the high 90-95 % cpu usage. I immediately uninstalled it. It seems like this flash keeps getting worse.

  3. Netflix is silverlight so that shouldn’t make a difference however the new Netflix HD streaming might have to do with the high cpu usage like i have been reporting. I will test it out with my normal testing hopefully soon.

  4. Is it possible the silverlight 4 has slowed things down. It seems a little more cpu power has been used since I upgraded to SL 4

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