Flash 10.1 RC2… Quick Review


Last week Adobe updated Flash 10.1 RC to RC2. On the forums people seem to have good success with the latest release, however I have a different story to tell. People have been reporting Boxee working somewhat properly with RC2, however still for me all flash video content from NBC, Hulu, Fox, and others seems to still be completely broken. Some of the applications such as seem to work just fine according to users in the forums. This part doesn't bother me too much since Boxee has never really worked. I decided to test InternetTV inside of Windows Media Center. I started up the latest Undercover Boss and to my surprise it was extremely choppy including the advertisements. I waited about 10 minutes to see if this was a buffer issue and then restarted the video and it was still completely choppy and unwatchable. At this point I uninstalled RC2 and installed the first RC, and attempted to watch the same episode again. Just like my last review the video was completely watchable. While not perfect, it was pretty smooth and not choppy at all. At this point I decided not to go back to RC2 and my recommendation is to stick with Beta 1, Beta 3 or RC 1. Let me know what you guys think.

*One note is that during the review I did have 1 recording going on. During the second half when I was watching InternetTV with the first RC a second recording started and the video became choppy, however with 1 recording it was just fine.

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  1. Where can you find RC1 to fall back to?

    I just got a Revo and would like to use it for Hulu, but it’s just too choppy to watch on RC2, but all the websites I found link to and they have already removed RC1.

  2. I will upload tonight.

  3. Awesome, thanks Motz. Will it be an update to this post or in a downloads section somewhere? Also thanks for this site, it’s very helpful.

  4. I will post them here: under flash 10.1
    You could try Beta 1 that I have uploaded, i really like that beta :)

  5. Uploaded, enjoy.

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