Early Impressions: Hillcrest Labs Loop Pointer and Kylo Browser


Not too long ago the people over at Hillcrest Labs released a new browser, Kylo, specifically for HTPC. It features large buttons, easy zoom in and out, and an on screen keyboard all built on top of Mozilla. Along with the browser they have a very special new wireless "mouse" or pointer as they like to call it named The Loop Pointer. This is a motion sensitive point that can be used with any PC or Mac, and was specifically designed with browsing on a television in mind. Hillcrest Labs was nice enough to let me try out their Loop Pointer and as soon as I received it today I tore it open and started playing with it.

So with only a little hands on time I figured I would post my early impressions of the device with a full review of both Kylo and The Loop Pointer soon. After I got the batteries installed in The Loop all I had to do was plug in the RF adapter and I was off. Very similar to a Wii Remote you sort of just point where you want the mouse to be on the screen. It seemed a bit slow dragging around the screen however it was responsive. You can adjust the mouse speed within Windows so I will have to mess around with that a bit to see what speed works best. The Loop has a few buttons similar to right and left mouse buttons. It also features a scroll wheel which I have found awesome scrolling through web pages. I cool feature is that it also has a "hide" button which will basically stop the mouse from moving on screen. This is a nice feature to have when watching videos online.

Overall the device feels nice in the hands. It is extremely light in the hands and doesn't feel very awkward, however I am interested to see how it feels to have this thing in your hand for a long period of time. It also runs off of 2 AA batteries which is a bit disappointing, however I will have to see how long they last. Will Kylo and the Loop Pointer replace my mouse/keyboard and Chrome setup? I will be doing much more testing to find out and expect my full review soon. Here are some pictures:

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