Solving HDCP Handshake Issues With A Harmony

If you are running your Revo to your TV via an HDMI or DVI cable and have experienced an issue where the TV remains black searching for a signal on the correct input than you are probably experiencing a HDCP handshake issue. High-bandwidth Digital Content Protection, or HDCP for short, is used as an authentication process that prevents non-licensed devices from receiving content. You can read all about it over at Wikipedia, but in general HTPC people sometimes have issues with HDCP. I had a problem that whenever I turned on my TV and Receiver my Revo would never show up on my TV unless they turned on in a specific order or the input was different than the input that I had set for the Revo. Since I use a Logitech Harmony you are able to perform specific startup routines for an activity. It isn't exactly straight forward so I figured I would walk you through it.

Note: I run my Revo into My HT-CT100 receiver via HDMI, than the receiver goes to my TV via HDMI. In this case you will want to make adjustments to your receiver, if you don't have a receiver you will want to make adjustments to you TV.

Step 1: Go to the device page and select either your TV or your Receiver and press Settings.

Step 2: From the device options page select "Adjust power settings".

Step 3: On the if you want to leave it on say you want to turn if off.

Step 4: Depending on your device you will either have 1 or 2 buttons to turn it on/off. You will specify that here, and what we will be modifying is when we turn it on.

Step 5: On what turns your device on/off select that it requires more than one command and press next.

Step 6: This will bring you back to the same page, but now under "I don't have the original remote, but I know the commands that are used" there will be 2 drop downs. For the first one select "PowerToggle", "PowerOn", or something similar. For the second one select a different input that what your Revo is set to.

Finish: Keep pressing Next until you are done with the walkthrough. Then update your device and what should happen is all your devices will turn on and your receiver will first switch to the input you had specified and then it will turn to the correct input for your Revo which should solve your HDCP issues.

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