Flash 10.1 Beta 3 Review!

I have done a few reviews, but this one has video with it! So if you don't want to read then go ahead and watch my video review of Flash 10.1 Beta 3 on the Revo!

If you do like to read then go ahead and hit the jump for a full written review!

If you have been reading and following RevoHTPC then you will have seen my trials and tribulations with Flash with the Revo. When attempting to review Hulu Desktop I ran into a lot of issues with Flash 10.1 Beta 2, and then someone gave me the suggestion to go back to Beta 1. This was an improvement and allowed youtube, hulu, and internet tv, however it wasn't perfect. Last week Adobe released Beta 3 of Flash 10.1 which uses Hardware acceleration. This allows flash to use the Nvidia ION chip to process the video and not kill the computer.

I started off this test with my normal youtube test, which is the Avatar 1080p trailer. I let if fully buffer before watching it and it was extremely smooth and didn't have a single hitch. I noticed that the CPU usage hovered around 50% which was a bit of an improvement over the earlier beta. I then pulled up the Nvidia 1080p test video and let it stream and play at the same time. This is where I had issues before with youtube, however this time it played just fine.

One of my normal tests is Hulu and Hulu Desktop. I have never had good experiences with the in browser 480p Hulu content, but standard def was fine. This time with the new beta everything streamed perfect. I was able to jump video to video going in and out of full screen mode and every video played back perfect. I booted up Hulu Desktop with high hopes and I was correct, the High Quality full screen videos played great. I watched trailers and episodes and everything was great.

Internet TV:
Internet TV inside of Windows Media Center was never great even with Flash 10.1 Beta 1. A few tests with CBS content had a few hitches for the first 30 to 60 seconds. I think this had to do with the video buffering, but after that playback was smooth. Although the quality of these videos aren't as nice as Hulu they are pretty decent. I would still like to see this content switch over to Silverlight like the Zune Video Podcasts are.

Other Content:
I decided to do a bit more testing around the internet to see what else I could try to watch. I headed over to to watch some South Park episodes. Playback was great and the playback was excellent. They have a nice little Video Connection information screen with different stats. The Current Available Bandwidth was 2300 kbps. Current Video Stream: 1200 kbps with the max being 1200 kbps. From this it seems that the Revo is getting the highest resolution video it possibly can, and it was excellent. I headed over to where my girlfriend watches The Hills. I could never seem to get to work before, however this time everything was playing nice and smooth in full screen which was a 1700 kbps stream. I tested,, and and video playback was near flawless on all three.

Some notes:
During most of the videos I watched I didn't have any recordings going on in my Windows Media Center, but at about half way through my testing a recording did start and playback did not change at all during this time.

Thanks to Flash 10.1 Beta 3 flash has never played so smooth before on my little Revo, so go and download it right now!

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  1. I did the exact same test last night with a 3610 and Flash 10.1.3. I have found that the trailers, especially ones with heavy digital content, play perfectly but are not great test cases. The digital content seems to play easier for the computer, and the quick editing of trailers don’t allow me to judge the video jumping. They tend to skip through scenes so quick that it is hard to get a handle on any chop. My Hulu “high” setting works perfect, the Nvidia test video on youtube is perfect, locally stored videos are perfect, but some of the youtube vids don’t come out totally clean. Still very good, and watchable for a couple minute clip but not for anything like a full movie. This was the video that was a hair choppy on 1080p.!videos=Fc4tK96Mtqs&v=PPN0tsWQJAE Im curious to see if other people get similar results or if I have to tweak some settings for optimized playback here.

  2. Have you done any testing within Boxee Beta with Flash 10.1.3? How do things like Revision3 videos play in there along with some of the TV shows that use Hulu? :)

    Also did you do the ION LE INF hack on your R1600?

  3. Ray, I will do some testing this weekend with some of their other video addons. Boxee Beta UI is very smooth, Pandora works great, I have not gotten any Hulu or any other flash videos working inside of it though, it attempts to load them, but fails and just sits on a black screen.

    I have not done the ION LE hack yet. I haven’t had a need for DirectX 10 because I don’t do any gaming on it. I have done the overclocking though to 1.8Ghz and that works just fine.

  4. Any pointers on how you did the over clocking will appreciated

  5. I used these exact steps to overclock it, I went up to 1.8ghz

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